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Who "Owns" Open Source - Python Community News 2022-11-04


The PSF is hiring a Community Events Manager

submitted by jonafato

The Python Software Foundation is hiring a Community Events Manager to plan PyCon US, as well as smaller community events throughout the year. Folks interested in applying should visit the Job Board

Remix acquired by Shopify

submitted by kjaymiller

Remix, a startup developing an open source web framework similar to Next.js, has been acquired by e-commerce provider Shopify. Remix will receive “long-term backing and support” from Shopify that will allow it to “grow faster” and “sharpen its focus on performance and scalability.”

Anaconda Partners with NumFOCUS and Bitergia to Bring Community Metrics to Open-Source Projects

submitted by kjaymiller

Numfocus has agreed to a partnership with Bitergia, a comprehensive software analytics platform, that will bring community-driven metrics to open-source projects supported by NumFOCUS. This partnership brings a new global dashboard for all NumFOCUS projects and private access to Bitergia Analytics to build custom charts and dashboards.


PyCon Ireland 2022

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JupyterCon 2023 - Request for Reviewers

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PyCon 2022 - Request for Volunteers

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